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Old Mountain Farm from the air; Taken duing a "Blimp" ride

Old Mountain Farm sits on thirty acres approximately halfway up the side of Mount Agamenticus,on what is referred to as "the shoulder of Mt. Agamenticus".

The farm is located four miles from the Atlantic ocean at the end of Old Mountain Rd in Cape Neddick (which is a township of York), Maine, USA.

Mt. Agamenticus is home to several species of plants and a handful of different creatures that are not found at any points further north in the country. It's close proximity to the Atlantic and because it is south of "Down East" Maine, the winters on our shoulder of the mountain are somewhat mild compared to most of New England.

Old Mountain Farm sits up on a knoll in a clearing. Cheryle's cousin; Sandra, (who used to live on the farm) always referrred to the farm/knoll as "the little green island" because it is surrounded by wetlands which helps to keep it's vegetation green even in the most dry seasons.

Old Mountain Farm is surrounded by watershed, town park, town trustlands and state trustlands yet conveniently only fifteen minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, fifty minutes from Portland Maine, an hour from both Concord and Manchester New Hampshire and one hour and fifteen minutes from Boston, Massachusetts.

Cheryle's ancestors on her father's side arrived in York in 1639 and settled on the Old Mountain Farm property in Cape Neddick during the early 1700's.

The original center chimney cape burned many years ago. The remaining portion of that cape became an outbuilding which continued to be useful, as a henhouse, woodshed and carpentry shop until the late 1900's.

Construction of the house and barn that are now situated on the property began in 1890 and was finished in 1901.

OMF McDermott and Snidely
goats browsing in the back pasture at OMF 

Many years before Cheryle was born, Old Mountain Farm was sold to out-of-state investors and became a rental property. Cheryle has had the pleasure of meeting members of two different families that rented the property, one living on the farm for seventeen years and another for ten years.

York was Cheryle's grandfather's hometown. He fondly remembered, as a young boy, visiting his relatives at the Old Mountain Farm.

Remembering Cheryle's grandfather's stories of childhood visits to the Old Mountain farm, Cheryle's aunt Rose & uncle John decided to see if the farm might be available for purchase. Their timing was just right because the owners of the farm at that time were willing to sell.

So... in 1966, Rose and John Yeager brought the farm "back into the family" and presented It to Cheryle's grandparents as
a retirement gift.

Cheryle remembers first visiting her Grandparents at Old Mountain Farm when she was only six years old. That visit was the start to a lifetime of memories. Little did she know that twenty-three years later she would end up calling the farm "home".

After Cheryle's grandparents passed away, Cheryle's cousin; Sandra Yeager Thorndike lived at Old Mountain Farm for nineteen years before selling the property to Cheryle and Wyl for which they will be eternally grateful.

Both Cheryle and Wyl know that they were handpicked by Sandra because she felt they would be the best caretakers of the land and it's heritage.

Cheryle and Wyl both feel blessed to be living on such a beautiful property so rich in family history. Visitors to the farm often comment on how good the farm "feels". Cheryle's response is always to say that each morning she "wakes up and pinches herself " :o)

Penny in the Morning light

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